25 Tips I Wish I’d Had To Avoid Stress And Get The Most Out Of Traveling

Deciding to book a ticket to a new destination can be liberating. It can also be daunting.

When I left NYC to traveling, I stopped in dozens of cities and states along the way until I eventually settled temporarily in Los Angeles. Living in the moment can be fun but its also depleting. People usually dont talk about that part.

After traveling for two years, Ive learned a ton about maintaining your sanity on the road, especially if youre traveling withothers.

If youre gearing up to travel in the near future, consider this the go-to guide for maintaining sane and caring for yourself during your travels.

1. Wake up before everyone else does.

Whether youre traveling solo, as a group, or as a pair, it can be hard to find moments where youre truly by yourself, who are capable of attain “youre feeling” rushed or overwhelmed.

The easiest way to sneak in me time while traveling is to wake up an hour or two earlier than everyone else around you and enjoy your environment alone.

2. Take time out of every day to watch the sunup and sunset.

It doesnt matter ifyoure traveling for a weekend, week, or life, sometimes time can seem to move a little quicker when youre traveling.

Take a moment to catch the sunup and sunset every day while traveling. Itll help you slow down and appreciate the reasons youre traveling in the first place.

Kaylin Pound

3. Set your phone on do not disturb mode.

When I turned 21, I permanently put my phone on do not disturb.

Thismeans that my phone never vibrates and I dont see any notifications on my apps or social media unless I go out of my way to open my phone and open each app individually.

Its game changer. This act alone not only saves me time, but it reduces my stress and increases my brain lucidity for the day.

4. Keep simple routines.

Sometimes when we traveling, we overcomplicate and jam pack our days. This emphasizes me TF out.

Decide whats important to you during your trip-up. Do you want to watch the sunrise daily? Do you want to get your 10,000 steps in? Do you want to try a new restaurant every night?

Have simple guidelines to what you must do and what youre not so interested in doing on your trip-up, pack sun, and enjoy your experience dont garbage your time over planning and overcommitting to the point where you dont enjoy yourself.

5. Meditate.

Ive been meditating all over the place while traveling.

Just recently I meditated in the back of the car during a four-day road trip-up from Los Angeles to my new home in Boulder. I simply downloaded the app Headspace and letthe guidebook take it from there.

6. Keep ajournal.

While traveling, I like to disconnect from my phone whenever possible. This can be hard when youre in a new place Googling TF out of almost everything.

I use the bullet publications by Muji, but my partner recently gifted me one of the beautiful Leuchtturm1 917 s Ive been seeing all over Instagram and I guess I may be in love. I like journaling while traveling to organize my thoughts, take notes on my surrounds, mind map, and to scrapbook my favorite memories without being attached to my phone

7. Decide how much you are or arent documenting your trip.

When I travel, I often stay away from my phone, forgetting to photo any of the exciting sites I see, experiences that come my way, and people I meet.

To me, thats ok. Theres something about being 100% present without my phone that attains me feel at peace while traveling.

But Ive also traveled with friends that wanted to take images and videos of EVERYTHING while traveling, and thats ok!

Talk to your friends before you start the trip-up so that youre all on the same page on phone etiquette while traveling without anyone having to worry if its ok too as you to take a picture of them by a cute wall for like, the 10 th time while constructing it clear that its NOT ok to Snapchat the entire night.

8. If you need to get work done during your travelings, schedule it in advance.

If youre traveling and need to get some work done, do yourself a favor and make a schedule in advance.

How many hours a day do you need to get work done? Will you work out of your hotel? Will you work at a coffeehouse? Do they have wifi?

Prepping the details before your travelings or leaving home for the day will help avoid any last minute hiccups in your workflow so that you can stay productive and stress-free on the road. I like to use the WorkHardAnywhere app to find work-friendly locations while traveling.

9. Drink hot water and lemon daily.

Drinking lemon in the morning over boiled water is something I like to do daily to help my body detox, reduce acne, and to help prevent UTIs.

Theres nothing worse than a UTI in general, but I find them 10 x more tragic when Imtraveling. Drinking lemon water and apple cider vinegar have helped me keep my urinary tract healthy and happy. Trust me, youll thank me later.

10. Moisturize.

These days, I keep a super simple beauty routine consisting of natural beauty serums Ive made at home alone and a few products by Annmarie Gianni Skincare.

I personally only love how my skin feelings and appears when its moisturized. Being in a wide range of climates, let alone exploring outdoors can attain my skin slake for thirst. Whenever Im about to head out the door to traveling, at a rest stop, or final destination, I like to wash my hands and spray my is confronted with water to wake myself up followed by a little moisturizing.

11. Drink enough water.

There is something about sedentary traveling that attains me drink less water.

At home and on the go I try my best to keep a mason jar or thermos by my desk or on deck so that Im reminded to drink more water. If youre traveling in a vehicle, consider packing a small cooler or a medium sized sports thermos to have passengers refill thermoses on the go.


12. Figure out how to run around dietary regulations before you travel.

Ive been vegetarian for 13 years and my boyfriend is paleo, so Im no stranger to traveling with dietary constrictions.

If you have strict dietary regulations, its important to research the city or country youre visiting to discover local feeds that suit your needs. If you want to cook at your place, consider renting a place with a small kitchen.

13. Figure out where youre running and how you want to get there.

I opt my technique of traveling based on how long Im traveling, the purpose of traveling, the distance, and if Im going to want to stop along the drive to explore.

When I travel from Los Angeles to San Diego, its usually for business. I prefer to take an Amtrak when traveling for biz so that I can sit back and enjoy the gorgeous position of the California coast, take a nap, or get some work done on the train. When I travel from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, its usually with my ladies, so I prefer to drive.

If you dont have navigation on your vehicle, another hands-free option for navigating directions is to grab one of those phone stands that you typically see in Uber and Lyft cars.

Considering little details like this when planning a trip-up, allows you to know that youre going to get to your destination in a timely matter, without missing out on experiences along the way, and I entail, come on, isnt that the point of traveling?

Julien L. Balmer

14. Be prepared for accidents.

BYOT: Bring Your Own Toilet paper and prevent a disaster.

Also, on that note, pack a few pads, tampons, or your diva beaker just in case youre going to get your period while traveling. Maintain in mind that feminine care products may not be easily accessible where youre traveling regardless of how easily acceptable they are in your current town.

I also like to write down my emergency contacts on a piece of paper and share my location with my friends, just in case.

15. Protect your skin.

Bring sunglasses, a dad hat, or rock a visor like I have for the last month.

If you know youll be outdoors often, consider what you need to pack to make sure youre garmented and encompassed properly. Nothing ruins travel like sunburn or sunstroke.

16. Clean your makeup bag.

Ok, so I know this sounds random but hear me out.

Most people never clean their makeup bag, but the reality is its a breeding ground for germs that can then get into your body when applied to your face.

I like to wipe down my makeup, suitcase, and brushes with a mix of castile soap, warm water and a few drops of tea tree oil.

Use traveling as inspiration to audit your makeup bag. What are the necessities; what goes unused? Whats expired? Get rid of the products you dont use or love and your luggage suitcase will be packed a little lighter and your face will thank you!

17. Shop local for everything that you can.

If youre going to travel to a new destination, why shop, eat, and subsistence companies that you can support from anywhere in the world.

I recently picked up some pieces for my kitchen and office along the drive from Los Angeles to Boulder.

18. Learn about the city that youre visiting.

You dont need to hit up all the touristy places, but having a better understanding of the history of the city that youre in and major landmarks can give you a closer connection to the city and comfort that you can navigate your new surroundings.

Youll require help from strangers less and, most importantly, you wont be as distracted by your phone as you wont need to constantly look up directions.

19. Take advantage of discounts.

Whether you buy your tickets online, in advance, as a group, or get free treats because its your birthday, do some research to see if you can cash in on any discounts offered in your destination city.

Regardless of how large or small your traveling budget, we all enjoy a free treat.

20. Budget.

Depending on where youre running, save up for a few months or weeks for your trip.

Outline a budget for your trip-up. I find that doing this attains me feel more confident when spending money on major or minor luxuries and experiences while traveling.

21. Dont feel pressured to do everything.

If youre traveling with a group or to a new city, never feel as if you have to do everything your group is interested in doing while traveling.

Know how you want to spend your time while traveling.

I like to sketch out an outline of what my days will look like: Where Ill eat, where Ill explore, places I must see and when Im going to must-see destinations. I then scheme everything else around that schedule. It attains me feel less pressured and more in control of my time.

22. Be safe.

Always do some research before traveling to a new place, especially if youre traveling alone.

If I know person in the town or area that Im traveling to, even if Im not going to see them during my bide, Ill inform them and my close friends ofmy exact location. I keep them updated on where Im running, who Im with, and how to know if I require help.

Also, ride share companies and cell phones allow you to share your location during your journeys instantly these days.

23. Freshen up on the local law.

Growing up on Long Island, I decided to pick up some friends and drive into NYC for a way week event.

When I made a right on red, my friends were shocked AF. It turns out, some places dont allow right on red( even without a sign present ), others dont allow you to have an open alcohol container in your front yard( indicating alcohol ), while other places dont have recreational or even medical marijuana decriminalize yet.

Its important to freshen or become aware of your new surrounds. TBH, after living in Los Angeles and Boulder where marijuana is legalized, its important for me to remember that this is not the norm everywhere in the world, let alone the country that I live in.

24. Get a mani-pedi.

Whether its the previous day your trip-up or during your trip-up, I highly recommend giving your nails a fresh touch-up before your trip.

Not only will you feel great, but you wont think twice about stepping into a pair of open-toe shoes.

25. Always leave time for living in the moment.

Search for the best places to visit in township or for stores and places that fit your vibe, but dont get too tied down by a strict traveling schedule. Attain a listing of things you want to do before your trip-up objectives and just go with the flow!

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