3 Ways You Could Be Constructing Your Allergies Worse

About 50 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies, but perhaps their coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, wheezing, runny nose and other side effects are being inadvertently exacerbated by them! In the video above, The Doctor share three surprising routes you could be attaining your allergies worse. 1. You’re not wearing your glasses or sunglasses . Soft contact lenses are permeable and prone to absorb airborne irritants like pollen or smoking, explains Dr. Travis Stork, who indicates wearing glasses or sunglasses to block allergens from getting into your eyes.

Beat Your Allergies

2. You hang clothes or sheets to dry outside. Hanging clothes to dry outdoors may save money and be better for the environment, but it’s not a good notion for allergy sufferers. Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains that pollen settles on the clothes while they dry, which is especially problematic if you’re drying sheets or pillows that you’re in close linked with for many hours.

Secret Holiday Allergen Uncovered

3. You take your allergy medication in the morning. Dr. Andrew Ordon reveals that you’re better off taking allergy drug at night before going to bed, so that antihistamine levels are up before you wake up in the morning.

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