Any feedback on my Sleeping Bag choice?( Marmot Quark 30 vs. other containers)


Growing up your mothers might have told you that adorable old saying “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite, ” but the reality of bed bugs isn’t so cute. They’re tiny so that they are able to sneak into your house through cracks or on other people’s clothes. Each female bed bug can lay up to five eggs a day and hundreds of eggs over the course of their lifetime. They’re nightmare beasts.

You’ve heard of these monsters before, but maybe you’re one of the lucky ones “whos never” experienced them. If that’s your situation, we’d like to give you an inside look at the world of bed bugs. Ever wonder what it’s like to get a bed bug bite? This scientist will show you, so you don’t “re going to have to”. Enter the world of tiny vampire glitches. Enter the world of bed bugs. Sleep tight, and hope they don’t bite.

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I’m going on a short backpacking camping trip next week for 5 days merely west of Denver. This will be my first backpacking journey and the only sleeping bag I have is a large, down purse that weighs a ton, so I’m in the market for a better one.

I’m male, 6′ 1″, wide-shouldered, average construct. Where we’re headed is at 11,000 ft and the low temps at night get to about 40 degrees which I think entails I’m aiming for a 30 -3 5 degree pouch. I sleep hot in bed at home, often uncovering my legs or feet from under the coverings. I was looking at the following containers and decided on the Marmot Quark 30. There aren’t many reviews out there on the bag, so I was wondering could someone more experienced could please look at the container and tell me if there are any cautioning flags with the purse? It sits in the perfect place in my budget and the weight and sizing of the pouch seem perfect for backpacking.

$270 Marmot Quark 30

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