Craig Morgan lives his life with lyrics from his song

Country star Craig Morgan caught up with FOX4 11 and exposed how he lives his life with the lyrics from his hit ballad, When Im Gone.

For me its the very first line of the ballad that hooked meMy last breath I want to take with a smilethats pretty much the opening line of my life, he said. Thats kind of the way I live my life.

Morgan, who spent ten and a half years in active responsibility in the US Army, explained why he switched over to the musical side of things.

The money! he said with a laugh. I love the music, I will say that. I absolutely loved the military; I loved being a soldier. I loved waking up every day going to work impression like I was part of something good. And the music afforded me an opportunity to do something that I love as well and make a lot more money.

The Tennessee native understands the sacrifices men and women in the military face as he served and why it is important as Americans to support the military.

These guys miss a lot of birthdays, ballet recitals, softball games, baseball games and football match, he began to explain The discrepancies between that and the touring is when I do I show Im missing these things but I am on stage singing having a good time; they are usually in an armed cavity of the world somewhere merely living miserably, but almost always with a smile on their face because of the honor that they get from that. So I think its important as Americans, we show support and are appreciate in any way we can. I am very fortunate enough that I am afforded a platform that allows me to do it a little louder than some other people.

Alongside his musical career, Morgan hosts Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel, but his ultimate objectives is to have an impact on other peoples lives.

I have two full day undertakings that most people would dedicate a thumb off their hand to have either of those undertakings, he said. Its highly cool, Im very honored and Im very humbled quite honestly, I am so grateful to know that I get to wake up every day, sing and write anthems and get to go play in the timbers and I make a living doing it. I merely hope in the process of doing these things, we are having a positive impact on other peoples lives.

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