Dad Shares Emotionally Gripping Moment Son Wakes Up After Heart Transplant

Trevor Sullivan was an ordinary Detroitteenager. Then for about a year, Trevor insisted that he was feeling sick. His parents thought it was allergies, since the son expended a lot of time outdoors.

“We just chalked it up to’ We dont know whats going on, ’” Phillip, his father, told ABC’s Nicole Pelletiere. “In September 2014, he was on the football field and said he didn’t feel good … we thought it was allergies.” Then Trevor’s heart suddenly failed. He was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy. Trevor had to be airlifted to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. For nearly a year, he waited patiently on the donor list for a heart.

Just when it seemed Trevor’s health might have been spiraling, the organ donation came in. To the relief of his parents, Trevor’s surgery was a success, but that didn’t really become clear until they heard his first words after waking up. The video has been viewed nearly 1 million times, and you have to see this one…

In 2014, young Trevor Sullivan was an ordinary teenager. Then for a year, the football player complained of feeling sick. His parents thought it was just allergies. They were wrong…

Around a year later, Trevor had to be airlifted to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. His heart had suddenly failed. It was everyone’s worst nightmare. Trevor was added to the donor registry. Fortunately, he got a new heart.

The surgery was such a success that Trevor’s mom and dad couldn’t believe the first thing he told when he woke up.

“It blew me away, ” Kimberly, Trevor’s mom, told ABC News. “Honestly, for me, I didn’t know what to expect. I kind of thought he’d wake up disoriented and in pain, but instead he woke up happy, ready to go, and pleased with what he was going through. He made all the worrying that a mom would do go away.”

“Thank you for saving my child, ” is all Phillip has to say to the organ donor’s family.

Trevor’s dad, Phillip, captured the moment on camera. Since he shared the video on social media, it’s run viral for itsemotional impact and wonderful sentiment.

“I really like the video, actually, ” Trevor told. “I think it’s really cool and I wish everyone in the world can see it because it really makes a difference. It promotesorgan donationand people can see the outcome of it and how happy they really are.I feel fine after recovery. I can do anything now. I do feel really relieved.”

See Trevor’s first words below.

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