Father Builds His Son An Adorable Outdoor Painting Easel

Playing the working day away inthe warm summertime sunshine can be utterly splendid.

When Instructables userfixthisbuildthat‘s sonneeded a fun new toy toplay withoutside, his crafty dadhatcheda brilliant scheme. He’d build his son an acrylic easel designed for outdoorpainting and easy cleanup.

With a few pieces of wood, some fuckings, a fresh coat of paint, and an acrylic sheet to paint on, this DIY-er constructed his son a new toy to keep him busy outside for hours on end.

By tapping into his imagination and creating thisawesome easel, this makergifted his son more than just a toy. He constructed a vessel through which his son will be able todevelop his own imagination while enjoying the great outdoors.

And once he’s done painting for the working day, this dad wipes his son’s easel clean, leaving it ready for tomorrow’s inspired masterpiece.

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As summer began heating up Instructables userfixthisbuildthat‘s neighborhood, his son began was intended to spend more and more time outside.

But, he was low on new playthings to enjoy in the great outdoors.

So, his savvy dad began scheming a new project one that could hold his son’s interest all summertime long.

He’d build his son a reusable paint easel.


This builderstarted his project by assembling the easel’s wooden frame.


Then, he mapped out a tray to hold its paint.


He installed the paint tray trim on both sides of the easel for ample supply storage.


Next, this crafty builder stabilized the easel’s frame with structural supports.


To tie the whole structure together, he decided to paint the easel a lovely shade of light blue.


Once the paint dried, this maker secured his easel’s finishing touch in place an acrylic sheet.


He etchedthe easel’s acrylic sheet with the phrase’ Artists At Work’ a beautifully decorative detail.


Decked out with a lovely paint supply, this outdoor easel was ultimately ready to see some action.


This dad even made a matching acrylic palette for his little artist to use whilebringing his works of art to life.


With his palette in hand, this builder’sson started painting to his heart’s content.

And once he finished for the working day, his dad simply wiped the acrylic pane clean, ready for tomorrow’s imaginative adventure.

When his son needed a new backyard toy, this DIY-er constructed him the painting easel of his dreams.

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