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Image caption Matthew Oliver told of his success: ” I’m so happy, but I’m not sure at this stage if I’ll ever do it again”

A new record has been set for the UK’s heaviest pumpkin grown outdoors, which was cultivated from a seed expensing 1,250.

Matthew Oliver said he was “over the moon” after his pumpkin weighed-in at 95 st( 605 kg) at the Pumpkin festival in Southampton.

He now holds the UK record for the biggest pumpkin grown outdoors.

The horticulturist, from Essex, grew the gourd from a seed which came from the current world record holder.

Mr Oliver, who works at RHS Hyde Hall near South Woodham Ferrers, told: ” I’m so happy, but I’m not sure at this stage if I’ll ever do it again.”

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Image caption The 1,250 pumpkin seed dwarfs its “normal”-sized equivalents

The parent pumpkin was grown in Switzerland in 2014 by Beni Meier, who still holds the world record for the heaviest gourd at 166 st( 1,054 kg ).

Mr Oliver’s pumpkin seed was planted in mid April. He said it took six days to germinate before becoming a “vigorous grower”.

A sling and forklift was used to transport the pumpkin to Netley Park for its official weigh-in, which was overseen by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth.

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