I’m not looking to stir up an debate, I merely want to understand the Eno hate on this sub.

A couple years ago, for Christmas, my fiancee received an Eno doubled nest and I saw it so detonation comfortable that I ran and got me one, too. The atlas straps were brain dead simple to put up and use, and seem to me like a tree-friendly option. When we chose we wanted to try hammock camping( our first night was last night, and I’m going to post pics and supposes subsequently !), we were gifted the guardian SL bug nets from my parents. The glitch nets worked great, the hammocks are comfy, and the straps are easy to use and secure. So what’s the hate around here? Is it an ideology thing? Are they a big company that has taken business from the smaller mom and pop hammock camping stores? Is there something I don’t know about?

Again, I don’t want to stir up an debate. I just want to understand so that I can construct informed decisions on future purchases.


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