Only finished a 2-day hike and camp in Northern MI. Here’s my gear listing and lessons learned. Curious what you would add/ change, as well since I’m relatively new to hammock camping and backpacking.

Just got back from a 2-day, 18 mile trek in northern MI at the Jordan River Pathway and supposed I’d share my gear list and lessons learned for reference and for some input from others on what else could be added/ modified or what you all like to bring. The trip was great – We parked our car, hiked 8 miles to a campsite, put up for the night, then hiked 10 miles back on a different the members of the road the next day.

Picture of Gear and Full List :

Shelter 😛 TAGEND Eno Double Nest Slap Straps Guardian Bug Net ProFly Rain Fly Paracord( 50′ with 25′ backup )~ ATAGEND 4 Tent Stakes for Rain Fly Columbia Reactor Sleeping Bag Backpacking Pillow similar to this one, couldn’t find the exact connect Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest Sleeping Pad Breakfast: 2x Mountain House Breakfast Skillets Snacks: 1x Beef Jerky, 1x Bacon Jerky, 1 suitcase Freeze Dried Veggies, 2x Quest Bars, 2x fruit squeezy packs, and 1 pack of Trail Mix Dinners: 2x Backpacker’s Pantry Meals Flask: Whiskey( not pictured) Nalgene water bottle( not pictured) Platypus 2L Water Bladder Starbucks Via Instant Coffee Compass Shovel+ TP 2 trail maps – 1 in my pack, 1 left on the dashboard of my automobile with our road highlighted Ecoxgear Bluetooth Speaker+ 10, 000 mAh battery pack Hiking Boots Backpacking Chair Knife Dude Wipes/ Wet Wipes Head Lamp and backup mini flashlight Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Contact Solution/ Case Long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair pants, flip flops, rain coat, short sleeve shirt, 2x boxers, 2x hiking socks Miir Coffee Tumbler Sawyer Water Filtration System BioLite Stove Will likely be buying a new hammock if I go on a trip any more than 2 nights. The Eno is fine for short trips, but procured it hard to stay comfy and would like something that allows me to be a little more flat( 5′ 11 ” 190 lb male) Probably overpacked clothes – I think I would have been fine with 1 change of attire, I felt the need to pack a backup just in case and I never touched it Our average pace was~ 1.75 mph, including stops and I suppose~ 7 miles in was when we started to really get tired and feet was beginning to hurt. Bluetooth speaker was likely unnecessary – added a lot of weight and we rarely use it except when we were around the campfire at night I would add Sock Liners next year – my feet were pretty sweaty and not in good shape at the end of the trip Be more conscious of pack weight. As a comparatively athletic guy, I wasn’t very concerned and probably route overpacked and regretted it by Day 2. Pack more efficiently. I felt like I was excavating through my entire bag any time I required anything. Possibly organize with Stuff Sacks

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