Macro puff vs micro puffed vs down sweater?

Does anyone have any of these? 1. What do you use it for? 2. What’s the minimum temperature you’re comfy in it? 3. What are you doing in it at that temperature? 4. What do you wear underneath it at that minimum temperature? 5. Anything else?

I want to get a jacket with a hood that I can use for both street wear( with potentially not much underneath – perhaps merely a sweater or blouse) and also for hiking or camping( with base and mid layer ).

I own a warm long down jacket that goes down to my thighs/ knees, so I want something that I can wear for temperatures not super low when I don’t feel like wearing my long down jacket. Maybe something I can wear in about 25 degree Fahrenheit with not much under it and I’m not being very active? I live in NYC if that helps.


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