Building Your Own DIY Pond Is Much Easier Than You Believed!

If you’ve got some extra space in your backyard, this is going to be a great warm-weather project. Noteveryone has a green thumb fit to maintain a garden, so this is a great alternative to fill up the backyard space with something natural and beautiful. In simply a few simple steps, you cancreate a mesmerizing garden pond. All you need is a shovel, string, lineror tarp, a water pump, and a few large stones. The pond can even accommodate small fish and plant life.

First, utilize a long piece of rope or string to lay out the shape and size of the pond. This will help guide you as you dig out the area so that you don’t end up with a bizarre, unwanted shape. Next dig up your pond so that it is deepest in the center. Add underlayment and lining to fill the area outlined by your rope guideline. Use rocks to hold the liner in place at each corner. Fill the pond with water using a hose and garden water pump. Lastly, cover the remaining edgeswith thoughtfully laid down by stones or even cinder block for a more rustic feel. Lastly, add lily pads or other decorative blooms and fish.

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