Mama Cat Brings Her Injured Baby To A Couple For Help

If a cat adopts you into their life, it is something you should be honored about. Feral cats are not often friendly with strangers, so if a cat approaches you, they actually must think highly of you.

It is estimated that there are 70 million feral cats in the United States. Theyare born outdoors and usually have very limited human interaction, if at all. Sadly, this overpopulation of feral cats leads to many of their deaths. Thankfully, there are wonderful people in the world, like this woman who has created a shelter for feral cats.

While these feral animals may not often like humen, some do adopt people. One mama cat adopted Jamie and her boyfriend when they are fed her. Ever since that day, she has returned to them for more food. But one day, she came to them with something much more urgent.

[ H/ T: Love Meow]


The mama brought them her newborn! She had a little ginger boy, but Jamie noticed something was wrong with him.

“We determined him and immediately knew that something was wrong. He would hike his leg up and his hip would jet out real far. We believed maybe his little hip was break, ” Jamie told Love Meow.

This mama cat knew that she could trust Jamie with her newborn, so she left the little guy with her.

Jamie and her boyfriend decided to name him Milo!

After taking him in, they brought him to the veterinarian to assure what was wrong. The poor newborn had a brokentibia and fibula!

Luckily, that was something the veterinarian could fix with a cast.

Since his rescue, Milo hasn’t left his new parents’ side! He’s very happy to be indoors and showered with their love.

But his mama prefers to stay outdoors. She comes by for her daily feedings, and Jamie hopes she’ll join little Milo inside one day!

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