Old Tire Transforms Into One-Of–AKind Backyard Chair

For many, it’s that time of year when people aresprucing up their backyards. The weather is get nicer, and it’s hour for some serious outdoorDIY endeavours.

One thing I’ve noticed since moving into my first home is the price of furniture, specifically outdoor furniture. As much as I’d love to drop $ 500 on a cute wicker chair, I simply can’t justify a price like that for a piece of furniture that’s simply going to sit outside.

To save some money, many people have been turning to upcycling and DIY projects, and the results are truly transformative.

One particularly inventive project comes from user DancingPope on Instructables. Utilizing materials she already had laying around, and a little bit of elbow grease, she was able to make an incredibly comfy seeming chair out of some unused tires!

Scroll through belowto see her one-of-a-kind creation, and let us knowif you’re scheming any DIY projects this summer in specific comments!


This clever DIY-er had a few old tires laying around and a need for some outdoor seat, so she got to work.

First, she cut off the tire backing. She made a hole witha larger drill bit, and used a jigsaw to make the cut.

This next part requiredsome patience and a bit of strength.

For the seat, she made incisions all around the rim of the tire, and threadedsome strong yarn backward and forward, essentially creating a web.

Making a base frame is an optional step in this process, but hersadded a nice pop of color.

She cut two pieces of wood, about 20 cm in length, and added plastic feet to the ends.

The purpose of this base was to add some additional height to the tire seat.

After attaching the base, she used the tire tread from the second tire to create a seat back for comfort.

The DIY-er suggests if you plan on using these seats outdoors, drill holes in the bottom of the tire to allow water to drain out.

There are many creative ways to upcycle tires into furniture and they’re all extremely customizable!

This finished product is comfy, extremely useful, and( best of all) cheap!

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