Outdoor shoes that feel … Like sneakers.

Hey folks …. First time poster here and looking for a bit of advice. I was very into the outdoors and pretty resilient as a kid … Did a lot of hiking and camping, eagle scout, the whole shot.

Fast forward 25 years and now I’m a middle aged dad operate a Cub scout pack and learning to sleep in a tent again.( I got some great gear for that !)

A lot of my old knowledge and skills are coming back to me….

My biggest challenge right now is outdoor footwear. I herniated some disks in my back a few year ago and truly stuggle with shoes. I do great in well cushioned sneakers, but I have yet to find a pair of “hiking shoes”( for lack of a better term) that don’t wipe me out really quick. I know they tend to be stiffer and more structured and supportive – but I have tried a lot. Merrill and Keen mess with my archways. Columbia are too tight and stiff. I tried the addidas one’s today and they were too hard. Solomon didn’t feel any better.

Are there any “outdoor shoes” out there that are cushioned and keep feeling an expensive pair of Nikes or New Balance? I don’t scheme any hadcore hiking – but I need solid shoes for camp that I can get muddied, climb around the campsite and maintain dry, and do some small excusrions with our children … Like rugged sneakers.

Any suggestions on what to try next? Thank you.

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