Pace Yourself With These 3 Sweatproof Workout Headphones

Nik Mirus

Each of these sweatproof bud will push youand your budgeta little harder.


1. Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless

The soft plastic wheels around the Relays earpieces keep the buds in your ears and give these headphones the best fit in the sub- $100 club. An outdoor mode boosts the bass so you can hear Traffic instead of traffic. Theres an eight-hour battery, but if you forget to juice them up before a running, a 10 -minute quick charge gives you an hour of go hour .| $79


2. Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones

Step up to the Jaybirds and you get similar battery life with more fit alternatives. If the silicone or foam ear tips-off feel loose, snap on a pair of the fins( choose from three sizes) to secure the earphones in place and keep your Drake distraction-free. The sound is better too, with more clarity and dynamic range. | $130

3. Beats PowerBeats3 Wireless

The latest from Beats use Apples W1 chip, the same processor in Cupertinos future-freaky AirPods. It makes for quick pairing with iPhones and operates efficiently enough to stretch battery life to 12 hours. Dual drivers in each ear serve up crystal clear sonics, and those hookings loop around your lobes to snug everything up .| $200

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