Rusty Spa Pool Is Transformed Into A Beautiful Fish Pond

Spring is upon us, and the warm weather means we can finally turn ourthoughts tospending more time outdoors.

And what better way to prepare for springtime than to spruce up the backyard with a one-of-a-kind DIY project? Hometalk’s Stephen Taylor, an avid DIY-er, decided to do only that.

Taylor determined pre-made fish ponds to be extremely overprice at the store, so he choseto get creative. He brilliantly turnedan old, rusty spa pond into a beautiful, affordable fish pond. Sometimes one man’s junk genuinely is another man’s treasure, much like thisuseless bathtub that wastransformed into two unique lawn chairs.

Thanks to some elbow grease and the right tools, Taylor’s fish pond cleverlyupgraded the vacant space in his backyard to a conversation piece that is full of character.

Do you have any projects planned for your outdoor space this spring? What do you think of this DIY fish pond? Let us know in the comments!

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Stephen Taylor’s wife wasn’t thrilled where reference is rolled into their driveway with a rusty, old spa that could hold over 250 gallons of water. He was decided, however, to add a fish pond to their garden area at a reasonable cost.

Luckily, the spa itself only cost him $20 on a website called TradeMe.

Taylor ran into a little bit of difficulty transporting the oversize rust bucket when a ratchet strap violated, and the spa fell off the trailer.

Fortunately , none of the necessary portions were damaged, so he brought ithome and get right to digging.

After stripping off all the fittings and blocking the holes with expanding foam, the spa was lowered into the hole. With onlya few tries, he was capable of get it level tothe ground.

“If you don’t get it level, it will look awful, ” Taylor warned.

Next, it was time to install electric wiring for the pump.

Taylor then fitted wire rebar mesh over the top of the soon-to-be fountain and bricked around it. The rebar and bricks were leftover materials from construction on his house.

The sun tile at the front was given to him by his father, who passed away shortly before this was constructed. The fountain accent was a beautiful way to commemorate his daddy!

A few finishing touch included installing the pump with a UV light, adding several solar lightings and zip-tying plants to the rebar to allow for decent growth.

Ten goldfish afterward, and this old spa was formally transformed into a fish pond!

This isa delightful addition to their backyard space, and needless to say, Taylor’s wife is much happier now that the large eyesore is out of her sight and has been replaced with this adorable fish pond.

You can follow Stephen Taylor on his Hometalk page for more DIY inspiration.

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