‘Tent house’ is perfect for the person who’d instead be outdoors 24/7

Dream on, you guys .
Image: Christopher Fredrick Jones

Need another dreaming home to fantasise about? Of course you do. And being half-tent, this one will make you feel like you’re camping forever.

Blurring the line between the outdoors and indoors, this “tent house” sits on the Noosa Hinterland in Queensland, Australia. It’s designed by Sparks Architects, it’s perfect for the kind of person who enjoys being in nature, while simultaneously being bougie as heck.

The walls around the home can slide open, while the roof retracts, so you can bask in the tropical air.

Image: Christopher Fredrick Jones

But so you don’t burn your forehead while doing so, the building is covered by a tent membrane that will ease off the hot and also allows for a stack ventilation process, in which warm air is drawn out.

There’s a reason for all the effort. The tropical rainforest surrounding the innovative house features trees as high as 40 metres( 131 feet) tall. You’d want to take up as much of our surrounds as you can too.

Image: Christopher Fredrick Jones

There’s three bedrooms alongside an open scheme dining and living space, and the house orients east to west so you face the rainforest, but also so it takes advantage of the sun during the winter.

The door and window reveals were built with trees that were felled at the site, while there’s three water tanks that can be used to maintain the veggie patch. Sunlight’s captured in a small solar power system.

Image: Christopher Fredrick Jones

Want to design something similar? Better save those pennies.

Image: Christopher Fredrick Jones

Good luck keeping all those snakes out, guys.

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