The Improved Costco Down Throw Blanket Underquilt

We’re going to address the major drawback to the Costco Down Throw Blanket: its sewn thru building. We’re going to use additional fabric and a differential cut. We’re going to start thinking about this blanket not as a quilt, but as a sheet of insulation. The aim is to emphasize its advantages and minimise its drawbacks to achieve the construction of an underquilt with 3″ of loft for under $80.00.

There seems to be a lot of folks going to a lot of work removing sewing from the Costco quilt in an effort to increase loft and being dissapointed with the results. Here I explain why that happens and how to fix the problem with a lot less run. I also show off a pattern induced for by RSBTR’s Outdoor Ink.

This is Part 1. Part 2 is likely to be posted below this in a few days 😛 TAGEND

Here’s the link to the DIY Gear Supply pattern for the Insultex Underquilt: http :// wp-content/ uploads/ 2013/10/ DIYGS-InsultexUQ-lowres.jpg

Here’s another from Gear Report: http :// how-to-make-a-diy-insultex-ix-underquilt-for-hammock-camping-myog

The camoflage generator Scuba used to design the camo pattern is here: http :// camogen.php

Video here: https :// watch? v= c8VfiT6BnTI

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