These Dogs Spent Most Of Their Lives Chained Up…Until Kind Strangers Did This!

Mama and Oreo have expended most of their lives chained up. The two dogs belong to an elderly lady who rescued them after they were abandoned by a neighbor. The girl lives in an incredibly poor region and has very little access to the resources needed to fully care for them.

However, the pups’ lives were about to change for the better when an organization called the Coalition to Unchain Dogs heard about Mama and Oreo and decided to do everything they maybe could to help.

It’s clear how much those lovable puppies appreciate their new surrounds. The pure pleasure on their faces tells it all, they now have the ability to run around freely as man’s best friend should.

According to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, their mission is “to improve the welfare of dogs living endlessly chained outdoors by providing free spay/ neuter, vaccinations, and fences, while bolstering the linkages between these dogs and their human companions through non-judgmental aid and sharing of information designed to raise general community expectations regarding the standards of care for pets living there.”

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