Tiny Cottage Room Contains The Most Perfect Secret Crawlspace Ever

Sometimes you need to get away from it all, and while the wide-open skies of the great outdoors are surely appealing, sometimes your getaway needs to be a little…cozier. After all, what better style to escape the world than staying all swaddled in blankets?

And if you’d like to switch up your scenery while staying cozy, you’re in luck, thanks to a tiny, tucked-away bedroom in Puyallup, Washington.

The room, situated above the detached garage of Airbnb hosts Barbara and Brad, is available to rent for people who like their getaways to be on the small and adorable side.

The English Cottage Room is decorated to look like a cozy bungalow from right out of a storybook.

And true to storybook fashion, it even has a secret tucked away inside.

That secret is Mole End, a tiny nook filled with a collection of fairytales and hidden inside a faux tree trunk, inducing it the perfect hideout for the young — and the young at heart.

Because frankly, you’re never too grown up to appreciate concealed nooks full of fairy tales. After all, a concealed room is full of all kinds of possibilities, even a stash of pirate rich, and it’s also the perfect place to escape the world on a dreary day with some magical tales.

Check out the room, and Mole End, below, and you might just find yourself adding another dreaming destination to your list.

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At first glance, the English Cottage Room is already adorable.

It’s situated above the detached garage house of Barbara and Brad in Puyallup, Washington.

It has a soft bed with a fluffy down comforter, cozy chairs, and plenty of books.

It’s the perfect place to spend a rainy day reading with a cup of tea.

But on the other side of the stairs, there’s a tree.

Yes, that’s a tree.

And what’s more, the tree has a little green doorway and a sign reading “Mole End.”

And when you open the door…

…there’s a secret room inside!

There’s a bookshelf full of fairytales, and a little faux hearth for an even cozier feeling. You could conceal in here for hours.

Seriously, it might be hard to force yourself to come out of here.

On the more practical end of things, there’s also a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker.

There’s also a full bathroom with a shower.

And the outside is pretty fairytale, too, with a garden and cafe table that guests may use.

Check out the booking details on Airbnb and see if this little nook is the perfect getaway for you.

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