We need to talk about these 10 moments from the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix trailer

Gilmore Girls
Image: Saeed Adyani/ Netflix

The Gilmore Girls Netflix trailer is finally here and everyone is super fine and keeping very calm about it.

To demonstrate how unbelievably chill we are about this, we broke the trailer down into its best screengrabs to obsessively overanalyze appropriately muse over what the show’s latest iteration may bring.


Image: netflix

We didn’t know we wanted Kirk at Friday night dinner, and now it’s clear that we’ve not only wanted but needed this, severely. What’s he doing there? Knowing Kirk, probably seeking employment from Emily while simultaneously crashing in the pool house without her knowing.


If you’re feeling lost and don’t take to the wilderness, were you even lost at all?

Image: netflix

Emily can’t seem to find foothold without her husband, Lorelai doesn’t know what she wants or where she’s running, and Rory has no underwear. Being a Gilmore girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Lorelai running outdoors to cope simply shows how dire the circumstances are.


If you weren’t sure how Emily’s doing, look no further than the fact that she A) wears jeans and a t-shirt, and B) even owns jeans and a t-shirt. The clothe of the common folk is not for Emily Gilmore! Send help or, apparently, whiskey.


Speaking of whiskey, Jess expertly turns a phrase from On the Waterfront by telling Rory she’s still a competitor, and he does it while building me wishes to forsake my human life to become an almost-empty vessel for holding beverages. I’d like to committee the above image as an oil painting.


Image: netflix

Speaking of oil paintings…yeah.


Image: netflix



Image: netflix

Aw, Dean, you look like you have regrets! AS YOU SHOULD. You also look like you’re about to go oppose paranormal animals, which I guess can’t be helped at this point.


Yes, that’s Christian Borle and Sutton Foster tearing it up on stage in Stars Hollow, and no, we cannot wait any longer to ensure the full scene.


Image: netflix

Remember when we weren’t sure if Melissa McCarthy would be part of the revival? Watching her back at work as Sookie St. James is not only joyful, but almost painfully easy.


Image: netflix

We ship it and we never stopped shipping it.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix Nov. 25.

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