When dementia set in, her mother required constant care. What’s a daughter to do?

Dorothy Hampton Marcus was always ahead of her hour, participating in the civil rights motion and later writing about the South she’d experienced under Jim Crow laws.

Her daughter, Kaypri, didn’t should be noted that side of her at first. Growing up, Dorothy’s bookshelf was the only clue she had to that life since her mother had hurled herself into the parenting role.

But her mother loved writing and eventually planned to set those experiences into print.

When she retired in her 60 s, Dorothy started writing her autobiography. Then the dementia set in.

“It wasn’t easy arranging her move across the country, ” Kaypri says. “Her life, all of a sudden, became a big part of my life.”

Kaypri decided she would become her primary caregiver and move in with her as well as be used to help finish the book.

The book was published in 2014 for Dorothy’s 80 th birthday and was well received.

GIF via Ad Council/ AARP.

Here are some self-care tips to keep in mind:

Eat properly. It’s so easy to slip into the fast-food lifestyle when life is so demanding, but you’ll feel better and think better with proper, balanced dinners. Exercising every day. For most of us, it’s the first thing that goes out the door. Take a break outdoors. Being inside all day and night can get to be really harmful to your subconsciou. See the sunlight, water, and trees for at least a little bit every day. Sleep. Nap when your loved one naps. Get a full eight hours at night if you are able. Treat yourself. That is, address your own medical and emotional problems that crop up as soon as you can before things get out of hand.

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